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The Denar Group of Companies now consist of the following six companies:

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The Denar Group Logo

The Denar Group

  • Concert and Club Promotions

Khepera Records

  • The flagship record label of The Denar Group
Sonic Flux Music Distribution

Sonic Flux Music Distribution

  • Global Distribution Services of Digital and Physical Media
Audio Blueprint Logo
Audio Blueprint
    • Music Production & Composition Services for Recording Artists
    • Mixing and Mastering Services
    • Composition Services, Sound Design
    • Audio Editing for Film, Television and Sound Libraries

Lotus Media Design Logo

Lotus Media Design

  • Graphic Design Services
  • CD & DVD Replication Services
  • Marketing and Promotion Services

Dream Chase Pictures Logo

Dream Chase Pictures

  • Film, Television & Music Video Production


The Denar Group, Inc. has a lineage that spans over 12 years in the Entertainment Industry.  Through steady growth and innovative thinking, it has become a highly regarded entertainment conglomerate with entities in music production, recorded music, film, graphic design, marketing and concert promotions.

The Denar Group started its legacy in 1999 in New York, City with the birth/formation of Nuendo Music Group, which grew to encompass NMG Distribution, the distribution division of the label, a publishing company and a part ownership in KeoGraphics, a then small graphic design firm based out of Hilo, Hawaii. 

The focus of Nuendo Music Group was to give a real opportunity to unsigned artists through its independently operated distribution channels, having secured direct deals with many of the major digital and brick and mortar retailers and with promotional ventures with companies such as Barnes and Nobles, Borders, FYE and MTV.  Through these channels many artists were able to fulfill their dreams by having product accessible to mainstream audiences world-wide. 
In 2003, Nuendo Music Group signed its first major distribution deal with Sony Music, for digital distribution throughout the US.  Nuendo Music Group kept its direct deals in place throughout Europe and Asia with US based companies such as Microsoft Music, Yahoo Music, Media Net and Arrow Distribution. With this new deal Nuendo Music Group decided to form a west coast label division based in Los Angeles, CA called Red Sky Records.

In 2007, Nuendo Music Group relocated the entire company to Los Angeles and underwent a transformation of changes through strategic partnerships and alliances that were also reflected in the changes of the names.  Notably Nuendo Music Group changed the corporation name to 141 Entertainment, as a tribute to the humble beginnings in New York on 141 Street in upper Manhattan.  It changed the label name to Khepera Records (Khepera means evolution) to celebrate the growth with 8 years in the industry and formed Sonic Flux Music to reflect the varying types of music distributed under their former distribution division of NMG Distribution.  During that time, 141 Entertainment officered a buyout to KeoGraphics and changed its name to Lotus Media Design. 

In 2010, 141 Entertainment added a concert promotions division and film division and changed its name to The Denar Group.  With this long humble lineage, The Denar Group is dedicated to continue its growth and expansion through each of its subsidiaries and will continue to champion the independent and non conformist spirit and drive that started the legacy over 12 years ago.

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